VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Tech Support

If you have a question about VROC or are having problems, please use the following resources:

If you have a question about GPL, use the following resources:

We've worked hard to put everything we can about racing GPL and using VROC into the VROC and Eagle Woman pages, to make sure you have the information you need to resolve any problems you might have.

The Message Board at the VROC Paddock, the VROC and GPL Mailing Lists, the Forum at The APEX and the rec.autos.simulators newsgroup are frequented by a number of extremely knowledgeable sim racers who are eager to help. It's very rare that a satisfactory answer to a sim racing question cannot be obtained from one of these resources.

The Last Resort

If you cannot find an answer to your question or resolve your problem through any of the above resources, you can email one of the following:

  • Randy Magruder - Questions about VROC, including problems in hosting or joining races.
  • Michael Carver - Questions about GPL, about VROC, or general sim questions.
  • John Wallace - Questions about GPL, about VROC, or general sim questions.
  • Alison Hine - Broken links or other bugs in the VROC web pages, or VROC emergencies.
  • John O'Keefe - Problems with The APEX, or VROC emergencies.

If we can answer your question, and feel others would benefit from the answer too, we may either put your question and our answer in the appropriate FAQ, or post them on rec.autos.simulators.

Please use the above email addresses judiciously. Everyone on this list is busy. Remember that any time Alison or John O. take answering individual emails takes away from time we can spend on VROC and APEX developments which benefit everyone.

If you do email us, please make your letter clear, concise, and literate. Avoid long, rambling emails filled with run-on sentences and barely readable emails lacking proper punctuation and capitalization. If you state your question or problem clearly and concisely, it will help us respond more promptly and thoroughly.