VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

VROC and GPL Mailing Lists

We suggest you join two very active and informative Internet mailing lists devoted to VROC and GPL.

The VROC Mailing List is devoted to VROC and Internet-based multiplayer racing issues. This includes VROC questions, GPL connection problems, club and series announcements, and issues involving Internet-related hardware such as modems and cable modems.

The GPL Mailing List is devoted to GPL-specific issues, such as hardware and performance issues, AI tweaks, setup development, and other general GPL questions and suggestions.

These lists can be read either by having all postings sent to you (digest and summary options are available) or by viewing them on the eGroups.com Web site. eGroups assures us that our email addresses will not be used for junk mail. The service is supported by small ads appended to postings.

Reading the Lists

You can read all postings to the lists by accessing the Web pages:

VROC Mailing List
GPL Mailing List

There's no need to join the lists to read the postings. If you wish to post, you'll need to join the lists, but that's easy and it's free.

Joining the Lists

If you join one or both of these lists, you can have all postings emailed directly to you, either individually or grouped together in a digest, or in a summary. Or you can elect not to have them mailed to you, and simply read the postings by accessing the Web site.

To join either or both of these lists, do any of the following:

1. Click on these links to send an email to:

VROC Mailing List - subscription request
GPL Mailing List - subscription request

2. Visit the Web pages:

VROC Mailing List
GPL Mailing List

3. Use these forms:

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