VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection


VROC Client Choice

JavaVROC is obsolete. For reference, JavaVROC information is included here.

There are two user interface (aka "client") alternatives for accessing VROC. JavaVROC provides basic functionality for hosting and joining races on VROC. WinVROC provides the same functionality plus additional capabilities.


WinVROC is a superb native Windows client for VROC. This downloadable Windows program provides the same basic features as the VROC Java applet, but contains a number of additional features, including:

  • An integrated chat
  • Broadly enhanced control of race options by the host
  • Inspection of the Internet routes to GPL servers
  • Expanded support for dedicated servers and hosting behind a gateway
  • Remote hosting
  • Assorted other advanced features

Download WinVROC and try it!

If WinVROC works for you, proceed to Online Racing Community below to discover other ways to engage with the GPL online racing community.

If you have difficulties with WinVROC, see WinVROC Help for assistance.

If you would prefer to use the Web-based JavaVROC client, then continue with the instructions for JavaVROC.


JavaVROC is a Web-based VROC client which provides all necessary features for joining and hosting races. This sophisticated Java applet includes:

  • Support for Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer
  • Automatic race list refresh
  • Race list filtering
  • Setup of user options on the applet's face
  • Host control of race options such as car class and make
  • Support for dedicated and registered servers
  • Support for hosting behind a gateway

JavaVROC 2.0 requires Netscape Communicator 4.5 or Navigator 4.08 or later, or Internet Explorer v 4.72.3xx or later with Microsoft VM for Java.

To get started with JavaVROC, go here.