VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection


The Native Windows Client for VROC


WinVROC provides a native Windows client interface for VROC. It is a feature-rich facility for hosting and joining races on VROC.

WinVROC runs on your Windows machine like any other Windows program. WinVROC includes a route inspection feature, advanced server support, and an integrated chat client which automatically accesses the GPL and VROC chat rooms on IRC.

You can access all available GPL 1.2 races through WinVROC.

You can access the VROC and GPL chats through any IRC client.

Downloading and Installing WinVROC

To install WinVROC, follow these steps:

  1. Download the WinVROC 2.1 installer (1.8 mb) into a temporary folder.
  2. Run the installation program, WinVROCSetup2100.exe, and follow the onscreen prompts.
  3. Run the VROC IP fix.
  4. Run WinVROC and follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: When WinVROC asks you for the path to GPL, make sure you point it to your GPL installation, even if it looks right already!

Now you can run WinVROC and host or join GPL races on VROC. You can also chat with other GPL racers in WinVROC's chat room.

You may customize WinVROC to your liking. See the WinVROC Options page for more options.

Note: if all races are red, you will need to reset the path to GPL - even if it looks right.

See the WinVROC Release Notes and Commonly Asked Questions for more information about WinVROC.

WinVROC Flags

Given these flag positions: 1234567, then:

1 - Minimum car class allowed (see below).
2 - Maximum car class allowed:
3 - G3: Basic Trainer; aka "Formula 3".
2 - G2: Advanced Trainer; aka "Formula 2".
1 - GP: Grand Prix.
3 - T for team restriction in effect (see Server tab for details) or blank (-) if all teams are allowed.
4 - Override of client and server core.ini bandwidth settings in effect:
- - No bandwidth settings (contents of core.ini applies)
B - Normal (3/84 3/84)
F - Fast (3/84 3/132)
V - Very fast (2/84 2/84)
5 - L if the host has a latency requirement in effect.
6 - P if the host requires a password to enter the race.
7 - Server type:
V - Normal VROC server.
D - Dedicated VROC server.
X - External server.
R - Registered external server.

You can view details (such as the class and team restriction, or the latency cap in milliseconds) in the Server window to the right of the main WinVROC race list window.