VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Getting Started with JavaVROC

JavaVROC is a Web-based Java applet which enables you to host and join races on VROC.

JavaVROC Preparations

Before you use JavaVROC, you need to do some preparation. Below is a quickstart list which you must follow precisely. A fuller version is here.

Don't skip any steps!

  1. Purchase Papyrus Grand Prix Legends and do a full install, particularly if you plan to host! This is important! If you've done a partial install, go here.
  2. Obtain the GPL 1.2 Patch from Papyrus and install it.
  3. Install Netscape Navigator 4.08 or Communicator 4.5 or newer, or Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 (try to get v 4.72.3xx or later w/MS VM for Java: in IE, go to Help/Product Updates.) You must have an up-to-date browser!
  4. Enable Cookies and Page Refresh in Netscape.

Please review the detailed Installation and Setup page and VROC's Help and Tech Support pages if you have any questions or problems.

Racing Online with JavaVROC

Once you've done the preparations above, you can dive in and look for other folks to race with.

When you go to the Race Room, be ready to do the following:

  1. Don't click in or resize in the browser window until the applet finishes loading and displays its initial information.
  2. When JavaVROC asks you about permissions, grant them. If you are worried about this, read our Security Information.
  3. Set up your Options.
    You must enter the correct path to your sim's installation folder, or you won't be able to launch the sim through JavaVROC.
  4. Verify that your computer's local IP address, displayed just above your name below the JavaVROC race list, is correct. If it's not, click here. You won't be able to either host or *join* races through VROC if your IP is not being reported correctly by JavaVROC.


Races which are available for joining display a + in the leftmost column. Only races in Practice or Waiting mode which have not reached their player limit will display a +.

To join a race, double-click on it. If no races have a + next to them, wait until a race becomes available, or host a race yourself.

To host a race, click the Host button.

Note: Make sure you disconnect from any chats before you launch GPL! It's important to devote maximum bandwidth and CPU resources to GPL.

See Options, GPL and VROC Troubleshooting, and Help if you have difficulty retrieving the race list or joining or hosting a race.

If difficulties persist, there are a number of resources available on the VROC Tech Support page. If you think you've found a bug in JavaVROC see the Debug section of GPL and VROC Troubleshooting.