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GPL and VROC Internet Relay Chat

At almost any time of the day or night you'll find GPL enthusiasts in the GPL Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel on Shadowworld. There are several convenient ways you can join this chat:

  • Use WinVROC's built-in chat window, which connects automatically to the GPL IRC chat.
  • Use an IRC client (mIRC is superb). Connect to a random Shadowworld server (or irc.shadowworld.net) and join channel #gpl.
  • See the Shadowworld Web site for a list of other IRC clients, or to try Shadowworld's Java chat.

In this chat you will find people talking about GPL, VROC and related topics. You can ask questions about GPL, WinVROC, or JavaVROC, or just hop in and join the fun.

Note: To minimize clutter in mIRC's chat, uncheck Joins/Parts and Quits under IRC in mIRC's Options popup.

Other Chats and Meeting Areas

The VROC Mailing List also provides an "off-course" meeting place for GPL online racers. The eGroups-based Mailing List contains a Chat, and also includes a Message Board, Links, and Calendar, all of which can be updated by members.

The Mailing List provides the option of receiving postings into your email inbox and posting from your email program, and also supports a database where members can save files for others to download. There is a similar eGroups Mailing List devoted to GPL.

Anyone can join theVROC Mailing List . Please do!

Note: It's not necessary to join the VROC Mailing List or the VROC Paddock in order to use VROC. If you do join either eGroup list or the VROC Paddock you need not reveal any personal information.

WinVROC Chat Problems

Problems you may encounter in WinVROC's chat include:

  • If you try to transmit race results, you will likely get disconnected from the chat.
  • Some users find their machines hang when returning to WinVROC after a race.

We believe these problems are related to recent security changes on the Shadowworld servers.

Here are some workarounds:

  • Race Results Transmission:
  • System Hangs:
    • Turn on Verbose Info on the WinVROC Chat. To do this, click the Verbose Info button on the WinVROC Chat toolbar, choose Verbose Info from the Chat menu, or press Ctl-Z.
    • Exit the WinVROC chat before launching GPL through WinVROC.
    • Wait until the race list is displayed before rejoining the chat in WinVROC after exiting GPL.

If you still encounter problems with WinVROC chat causing your computer to hang, try another IRC chat client such as mIRC. See the above for details.