Server Error Graph
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Server Errors
  Server Error Hits % Bytes %
1 File Not Found (404)
24,006    97.8%
0    0%
2 Not Acceptable (406)
231    <1%
0    0%
3 Method Not Allowed (405)
132    <1%
0    0%
4 Internal Server Error (500)
118    <1%
0    0%
5 Forbidden (403)
56    <1%
0    0%
6 Incomplete/Undefined (0)
8    <1%
0    0%
4,091    16.7%
0    0%
6 Totals
24,551    100%
0    0%
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Help Card: Server Errors
Report Overview This report identifies the different errors occurring on your web site, along with the pages that caused each type of error. Use this information to diagnose and eradicate these errors, a large number of which can heavily compromise your site's usability and reputation.

Graph Description Pie Chart: Server Errors
Each portion of the graph represents a different error, corresponding to the key in the top-left corner. It has an associated percentage value for clarity and is graphed by hits. This graph cannot be customized.

Table Description Main Table: Server Errors

Server Error:
Shows the type of error being encountered on your site and its corresponding status code (such as "404"). See Chapter 3 Exploring Settings > Diagnostic Statistics in the User Guide for a listing of common error codes.

Hits (%):
Number of hits that resulted in the corresponding error. (Percentage as a proportion of all hits resulting in errors.)

Bytes (%):
Raw bytes transferred as a result of the error. (Percentage as a proportion of all bytes transferred for hits resulting in server errors.)

Sub-tables: Error Referrals
Note: the maximum number of items shown will match the maximum rows selected for the main table.

URL of the page that caused the corresponding error.

Hits Referred (%):
Number of times the page caused a hit that resulted in the corrseponding error.

Number of unique visitors affected by the error.

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