VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

External Server Registration

If you frequently host GPL races, and you would prefer to start GPL up outside of GPL Spy Boy or the VROC applet for hosting, and you want it to appear in VROC's race list with all of the information typical of VROC-launched servers, you may register your server with VROC.

When you register your server, VROC will insert a record into its database containing information which would normally be entered through GSB or the VROC applet. This includes your name, your machine's IP address, host port, connection type, upload baud, location, and comment. This record will not appear in the GSB or VROC race list until you launch GPL and it begins to report its status to the VROC race status daemon. A server registered with VROC in this manner is known as a Registered Server.

Note that it is not necessary to register your server to have it appear in the VROC/GSB race list, even if you launch it from outside of GSB or VROC. However, in order for any race launched outside of VROC or GPL to appear in the VROC/GSB race list, you must instruct GPL to report its race status to the VROC server. See below for details.

Registering a Server with VROC

First you must contact the VROC staff and request an ID and password that will give you access to VROC Server Registration.

Once you have been given access, go to the VROC External Server Registation room. Check the Registered Server checkbox on the applet, and click Host. GPL will not be launched. Instead, the information currently in your applet will be entered in the VROC database.

Verifying your Server Registration

Whenever the Registered Server box on the applet is checked, the race list will show all of the Registered Servers currently in the database. You can review the data in your record, and change it if you wish by modifiying your options on the applet and clicking Host again.

Note that when the Registered Server box is checked, the race list will show all Registered Servers, even if they are not currently hosting (i.e. not currently reporting race status to VROC). The + will appear next tomost or all of these races, but they may not be joinable. To see a list of joinable races, uncheck the Registered Server box.

Preparing GPL for Race Status Reporting

Important! For VROC to display your race information in the normal race list, you must set up your GPL server to automatically report race status to the VROC database. You must insert following lines in GPL's core.ini file:

[ Communications ]

bcast_listserv =   ; IP address of race list server
bcast_send_freq = 30              ; race data send frequency

See the External Server section for more information.

Normal Hosting on a Registered Server

If you host a race through VROC or GSB in the normal fashion, your Registered Server record may be deleted when you end the normal race. Remember to return to the External Server Registration room and register your server again.