VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Hosting a Race using WinVROC

Hosting a race on VROC is simple. You have two ways you can use VROC to host races: using the Windows client for VROC, known as WinVROC, or the GPL 1.2 Race Room (also known as JavaVROC).

If you'd prefer to use the JavaVROC Race Room, go here.

Installing WinVROC

If you would like to download and install the Windows client for VROC, click on WinVROC. Follow the instructions there for downloading and installing WinVROC.


Once you have downloaded and installed WinVROC, simply run WinVROC and select Host from the VROC menu or click the Host button above the race list. You will be presented with a popup of options for your race.

This popup has several sheets where you can specify a password, restrict classes and/or cars, etc. Make sure you specify the appropriate information about your server on the Server tab. See the WinVROC Options page for more information on the various options.

Note: if you are behind a gateway, see section 7.3 of Eagle Woman's GPL Online FAQ. If no one joins your races, see VROC Troubleshooting.

See the Advanced Servers page for information about the advanced hosting capabilities of GPL and VROC.