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Bart Westra's core.ini files for GPL

Notes from Bart:

  • core.gpl1103.verbose.ini is the most elaborate.
  • core.gpl1103.full.ini contains all parameters, 1 line per parameter mostly.
  • core.gpl1103.minimal.ini contains only the most common parameters, it fits on one page in 800*600 resolution (except for the OpenGL parameters that I left in the file despite the fact that they are not common to all). I made this for people who find core.ini complicated.

Please check the values before copying one of these files to core.ini. Especially replayMemoryOverride, AllowForceFeedback, synch_method, clock_adj_delay and the OpenGL settings if applicable. The value of the files is more in the comments than in the settings chosen.

Download (7 kb Zip file)