VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Help Open Room 1 VROC Setup 

Help us make the racing good:

1. Host races. If you limit the number of players, and use the basic core.ini, you too can host reliable races. It's easy!
2. Limit your players via VROC Setup. If you don't, lots of people will join and get booted.

  • Modem: 4 players
  • ISDN/serial port: 6
  • ISDN Router/Internal TA: 10
  • Cable/T1/ADSL: 12 to 20

Click the Refresh button to get current race information.

To join a race, click the [Join] area to the left of your desired race. Only races in Practice or Waiting mode which have not reached their player limit will display a [Join]. If no races have [Join] next to them, click Refresh at intervals until a race becomes available, or host a race yourself.

Please read Help if your GPL Path, IP Address, Name, or other personal information is not displayed correctly below! Also read Help if you have difficulty retrieving the race list or joining or hosting a race.

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Please do not password protect races in this Room.

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