VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

WinVROC Configuration File

WinVROC Configuration File
VROC IP Updater (Obsolete)

WinVROC Configuration File

As of summer 2003, we have changed the way WinVROC finds the race list server. The new method should be move convenient for you, because once you install a new configuration file, future relocations of the race list server, if any, should not require any more changes to your system.

WinVROC needs a tiny configuration file which you can download as either a text file or a Zip archive.

This fix is mandatory for all WinVROC users. Wiithout this fix, WinVROC will not display any races in the race list.

To install the fix, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download a new configuration file for WinVROC:
    1. Download a plain text file (right click and choose Save Link As or Save Target As)
    2. Download a Zip archive.
  2. Locate the folder where you originally installed WinVROC. By default, WinVROC is installed in C:\Program Files\VROC\WinVROC.
  3. Install the new configuration file:
    1. Place the plain text file in your WinVROC install folder (name it vroc.ini)
    2. Unzip the Zip archive into your WinVROC install folder.
  4. Stop and restart WinVROC.

If you still don't get a race list, verify that the contents of your vroc.ini file looks like this:


This is a permanent fix.

VROC IP Updater

Remco Moedt has written a great little program that automatically updates your WinVROC's vroc.ini file to the current IP address. Any time the IP address changes, Remco will release a new version of the program. He says, "I did it this way because it's easier to support. (No firewall, proxy, etc. problems.)"

Download Remco's program here.