VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

WinVROC QuickStart instructions

  1. Install GPL
  2. download the following patches and install them in this order:
    • the GPL 1.2 patch for your version of GPL
    • the GPL Direct3D Rasterizer and/or the GPL OpenGL Beta 2 Driver
    • the GPL CPU Speed Fix for your version of GPL
  3. Install WinVROC
  4. Run the VROC racelist IP fix
  5. If you are using Windows 2000 or later, remove the file riched20.dll from the WinVROC folder
  6. Start WinVROC
  7. If all races are red, press Ctrl-O and click the small button to set the path to GPL. Be sure to do this even if the path looks right already!
  8. Enjoy online racing with WinVROC!