VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

Larry Holbert

Larry Holbert, developer of WinVROC, its predecessor, GPL Spy Boy, and the VROC race list server, has decided to leave the VROC team. Due to Larry's growing responsibilites elsewhere, he can no longer afford the time to continue his involvement in the VROC project.

As all VROC users know, Larry has done a fantastic job. Larry's programs have set new standards in the world of online racing, and have helped give us all the opportunity to participate in a wonderful online racing world.

A thousand thank-yous to Larry for the magnificent job he's done for the VROC community!

Larry says:

I would like to thank EVERYONE who has taken part in VROC ... you all are the best! You'be cultivated the VROC community into one of the finest online communities I have ever seen! It's been a real pleasure!

As always ... HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!!

Larry Holbert
aka HoosierDuke
Wearer of the pink helmet ;)

Note: Larry's original posting on the WinVROC Message of the Day contained a statement that Jason Murray of GPLOnline had joined VROC as a developer. This is not correct. We apologize for this misunderstanding.