VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection

GPL Enhancements from Papyrus

Since GPL's release in October 1998, Papyrus has published a number of important enhancements. These enhancements are all available at the Papyrus GPL Downloads page.

While these enhancements were released as unsupported betas, all have been used extensively by the GPL community and are highly recommended. The GPL 1.2 patch is required for racing GPL on VROC!

  • GPL 1.2. This patch incorporates extensive enhancements to GPL's online capabilities, enabling it to interface with the latest versions of WinVROC and JavaVROC. It also delivers much improved racing, with smoother screen flow and less "warping" of remote cars.
  • GPL Disco Fix. This patch fixes the one problem in online racing that GPL 1.2 didn't fix: involuntary disconnects. With this patch and a good Internet connection, for most users "discos" are rare or almost nonexistent.
  • Direct3D Rasterizer. This allows you to use almost any Direct3D-compatible video card, including TNT2, GeForce, ATI Rage Fury Pro, and others. It also outperforms the OpenGL and 3Dfx rasterizers on some machines, and can be used to avoid problems some people encounter with these rasterizers.
  • OpenGL Rasterizer. This allows you to use OpenGL on nVidia cards such as TNT2 and GeForce, giving another alternative for optimizing GPL on a wide variety of machines.

None of these downloads are large; GPL 1.2 is 1.3 mb and the rest are much smaller.

Get the enhancement files from the Papyrus GPL Downloads page. Be sure to read all associated installation instructions and readme files!