VROC: Virtual Racers' Online Connection


A thousand thanks to Peter Burke, our host!

The VROC programs and Web site are copyright 1998-2004 by the authors, Alison Hine, Nate Hine, Larry Holbert, John O'Keefe, Herko ter Horst and Marcel Offermans. No part of this Web site or its supporting programs may be reproduced without the express written permission from the authors.

The VROC Web site and its supporting programs were designed and developed by Nate Hine (see the Hine/Pennington Home Page), Alison Hine (see Eagle Woman and Eagle Woman's Grand Prix Legends), Larry Holbert (see WinVROC), and John O'Keefe (see The APEX).

John conceived the VROC project and developed the original core Perl CGI scripts. Alison wrote the Functional Specification, developed the original Java applet and the HTML pages, and extended the Perl functionality. Nate assisted with Perl, Java, and HTML development and debug on the orginial VROC implementation.

VROC 2.0 owes a great deal to WinVROC creator Larry Holbert. WinVROC has raised VROC's quality to a truly professional level. WinVROC 2.0 represents an enormous expenditure of time and showcases Larry's superb programming skills and expertise. Larry also worked with Alison and Nate on VROC 2.0's data structure and client/server communication design, developed VROC 2.0's NT-based database, created some extremely useful development utilities, and supplied additional crucial code for VROC 2.0.

Nate developed the superb VROC 2.0 applet from a data structure design and primitive initial applet created by Alison. Nate devoted an amazing number of hours over six months to a comprehensive redesign, enhancement, and refinement of this sophisticated multithreaded applet. Nate also developed much of the original HTML for VROC 2.0, including the comprehensive Help pages and the release notes.

Alison did most of the VROC 2.0 Perl development and did a considerable amount of testing, including operation from behind a gateway. Alison also reviewed, reorganized, and finalized the VROC 2.0 HTML and continues to maintain and update the VROC Web site.

Special thanks to Perl/sockets/daemon guru Geoff Scully, who contributed the basics for the VROC 2.0 daemons and some critical components of the original VROC, and to SQL wizard Nellie Pennington, without whom VROC would still be limping along on eleven cylinders (or should that be seven?)

And of course our gratitude goes out to Peter Burke who has graciously hosted the VROC website (including the all-important WinVROC downloads) for so many years now.

Our deepest gratitude to the folks at Papyrus, who developed the fantastic racing simulation, Grand Prix Legends, that gave VROC a reason for being.